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This comprehensive kit includes a range of vital components designed to simplify installation, improve performance, and ensure hassle-free maintenance. Upgrade your misting system setup with components designed for convenience, reliability, and optimal performance. With our Misting System Essentials Kit, your misting experience has never been easier
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What is the Moogo Misting System?

The Moogo Misting System is a smart device built specifically for outdoor mosquito and pest control. With a single control panel, users can schedule insecticide sprays easily at preferred times or intervals. Notifications and system support are sent to users through cloud and the Moogo App. Its conveniently designed panel allows users to operate the device with ease.

How does the system work?

The Moogo Misting System is installed around the backyard or other outdoor areas. The device sprays fine mists of insecticide through its nozzles and kills insects upon contact.
The system is built specifically for mosquito control, using broad spectrum insecticides, which is also effective against other insects like flies, spiders or wasps. Moogo can be timed to automatically spray at preferred times and intervals, via its smart features and the Moogo App.

Is there an installation video available for quick reference?

For installation instruction, please refer to the user manual or watch our installation video at moogo.com/pages/installation.

What are the general steps for installing the device?

We highly recommended watching the installation video first, and then referring to the user manual or online installation protocol: https://moogo.com/pages/device-guide

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