What should I do if the device sprays abnormally?

If one of the nozzles is spraying abnormally, replace it with a clean new one. If several or all of the nozzles are misting abnormally, check the tubing for blockage or pressure leaks leading to abnormal spraying. For additional reference, visit xxxx to watch installation videos for tubing and connective components.

What should I do if the device makes loud noises when it operates?

1. Check if the cushion pad on the backplate of the device has been installed.
2. Check if your device is installed securely, and screws are fastened properly.
3. Check if the end of water pipe in concentrate tank 01 is an even surface, resulting in the suction pipe and the water pipe being sucked into the cut angle at the pipe's end.
4. Check if the floating ball for indicating water levels has been blocked by the water pipe and is stuck. If so, remove the pipe from the vicinity of floating ball manually.

When the control panel doesn't work:

1. Wipe the control panel dry if there is water on it, which will prevent it from working normally.
2. Restart the device.

When tank 01 keeps adding water and it starts to leak out:

Check if the floating ball in tank 01 is stuck or clogging the tank.

When the device's internet connection is unstable or the Wi-Fi signal is weak:

1. Check if the device's antenna is installed and working properly.
2. Check if there are too objects between the device and the router, or if the router is too far away, thereby affecting the signal strength.
3. Restore factory settings and restart the device.

What should I do if I cannot find the names of Wi-Fi connections during device pairing?

1. Restart the app and enter the Wi-Fi selection interface again.
2. Check if you have authorized Wi-Fi connection for your Moogo app. If not, enable authorization first from your mobile phone settings.
3. Check if your phone has turned on and enabled Wi-Fi connection.
4. If the problem persists, please contact Moogo customer service via the email:

What should I do if device pairing takes too long or fails?

If pairing takes usually long or fails, we recommend taking the following steps:
1. Ensure power is turned on, and your device's Wi-Fi light is blinking normally.
2. Check and make sure your router is working normally.
3. Select the name of your preferred Wi-Fi connection. Moogo only supports 2.4GHz and not 5GHz connections.
4. Make sure you are using the correct Wi-Fi password.
5. Make sure the router, device and your mobile phone are within a distance of 5 inches from each other.
6. If the problem persists, restore factory settings and try again.
7. If the problem persists after restoring factory settings, please contact us for assistance via our customer service email:

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