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What is the Moogo Misting System?

The Moogo Misting System is a smart repellent machine built specifically for the outdoors, helping with mosquito and pest control. It uses strategically placed misters to create a protective barrier around your property. With a single control panel, users can schedule insecticide sprays easily at preferred times or intervals. Notifications and system support are sent to users through the cloud and the Moogo App. Its conveniently designed panel allows users to operate the device with ease.

What is a backyard mosquito system and how does it work?

A backyard mosquito system, also known as a mosquito spray system, is a device that sprays a fine mist of insecticide over a large area to kill or repel mosquitoes. It is a system for backyard use, allowing for regular and consistent mosquito control.

Is a mosquito misting system effective for my backyard?

While mosquito misting systems can be helpful, they may not be the best solution for everyone. They use insecticides, which can harm beneficial insects as well as mosquitoes. For a more targeted approach, you might consider a mosquito-repellent machine or a repellant device.

What's the best way to control mosquitoes using backyard mosquito repellant?

The best way to control mosquitoes is through organic mosquito control. In backyard settings, using a backyard mosquito repellent made from natural and organic ingredients is safe for children and pets. Moogo is an excellent option for effective and eco-friendly mosquito control in your backyard.

Is there such a thing as pet-safe mosquito repellent?

Yes, there are pet-safe mosquito repellents available for outdoor mosquito control. These repellents are made with natural and safe ingredients that effectively repel mosquitoes without causing harm to your pets or the environment.

What is the difference between mosquito repellent and mosquito control?

Mosquito repellents refer to products that repel mosquitoes, such as sprays, lotions, and candles. Mosquito control, on the other hand, refers to methods that reduce or eliminate mosquito populations, such as larval control and habitat modification.

How does the system work?

The Moogo Misting System is specifically designed for mosquito control. Installed around your outdoor areas or in your backyard, the device acts as a mosquito repellent, spraying fine mists of insecticide through its nozzles to eliminate mosquitoes on contact.
The system is built specifically for mosquito control, using broad-spectrum insecticides that are also effective against other insects like flies, spiders and wasps. Moogo can be timed to automatically spray at preferred times and intervals, via its smart features and the Moogo App.

Besides mosquitoes, which pests can Moogo effectively control?

The system uses broad spectrum insecticides, which are toxic to a variety of insects. Meanwhile, sprays from the misting system are dosed with very low concentrations of active ingredients. This means the mist is only effective when it is in the air and comes into direct contact with insects like mosquitoes, houseflies, spiders and wasps.

Is a mosquito misting system effective for my backyard?

Yes! Research has been performed by non-biased third parties to test the efficacy of residential mosquito misting systems. Their results prove that with proper installation, and using concentrates specifically labeled for misting systems at correct dilution ratios, and misting at the proper times - mosquito misting systems are extremely effective.

What distance should I space the misting nozzles for best control?

Each misting nozzle can cover up to 10 feet, but for optimal control we recommend spacing the nozzles every 8 feet for overlapping coverage.

How high should I install the misting nozzles?

When determining nozzle placement, it's better to keep them closer to the target. Since we're targeting mosquitoes, we want to keep the nozzles in the 2 to 8 feet range. We recommend installing the nozzles midway up the fence and using landscape risers if available.

What are the limitations of the Moogo misting system?

We recommend spacing your nozzles no more than 8 feet, without exceeding 60 nozzles, and keeping the total amount of tubing installed under 500 feet. Keeping your installation within these specifications will ensure optimal performance. For larger installations requiring more than 60 nozzles or 500 feet of tubing, we recommend purchasing a second Moogo console and dividing into two separate installations.

Is there an installation video available for quick reference?

For installation instruction, please refer to the user manual or watch our installation video at

What are the general steps for installing the device?

We highly recommended watching the installation video first, and then referring to the user manual or online installation protocol:

How do I remove the tee if I want to reinstall it?

This can be done easily with the tubing removal tool provided in the kit. Hold the fitting and press the tubing into the fitting. As you press the tubing into the fitting, depress the metal cuff into the fitting with the tubing removal tool. Now, while continuing to hold the cuff depressed, pull the tubing out of the fitting.

How do I connect the unions to the tubing?

Start by making sure you cut the tubing straight and clean for a positive connection. Take the union fitting and press the tubing into the cuff firmly. You should feel the tubing bottom out and hear a slight clicking sound.

Is it okay to leave the Moogo console outside during winter?

The Moogo console is designed for the outdoors during the mosquito season, however, freeze damage is not covered by our warranty. With this in mind, we recommend taking precautions to protect your device, and avoild leaving your Moogo console in freezing environments. Follow the winterizing procedure for the tubing and nozzle circuits.

How do I winterize my Moogo misting system?

Refer to winterizing your Moogo here:

What should I do if firmware updates are unsuccessful?

If firmware updates are unsuccessful, it may be due to network issues. Please try again, and make sure the antenna is correctly placed and your Wi-Fi signal is strong and stable.

Does Moogo work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, your Moogo device can operate without Wi-Fi via offline mode. You can use your smart device directly from the Moogo console's display.

What's the maximum number of misting plans that can be added?


Can I share my device with family members?

Yes, you can share your device with up to 5 friends via the app.

What is Self-Test function for? Is it mandatory?

The self-test mode is optional, but we recommend you use this feature after initial installation. We designed the self-test mode to run an extended mist duration without the misting concentrate, allowing you adequate time to check for clogged nozzles and leaks without wasting the concentrate.

Can I manage multiple devices with one app?

Yes, you can manage multiple devices using just one app.

When dilute solution tank 01 is running low, it stops spraying before the specified time. What's the reason behind this?

If there isn't enough insecticide left for the current spray, the device will proceed with unfinished spraying tasks from last time given that the remaining spray time is over 10 seconds. If the remaining time is less than 10 seconds, the current spray will be omitted.

How do I establish connection if my device supports both 2.4G and 5G networks?

If your router supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, while only one Wi-Fi name appears in your network selection page, please take the following steps.
1. Go to your router's wireless connection page (access is usually provided on the label on the back of the router);
2. Proceed to the settings page for 2.4GHz, and set the Wi-Fi name (SSID) as xxx-2.4G, with xxx for the Wi-Fi name. Save the new settings;
3. Proceed to the settings page for 5GHz, and set the Wi-Fi name (SSID) as xxx-5G, with xxx for the Wi-Fi name. Save the new settings;
4. A new Wi-Fi network name should then appear in your mobile phone's Wi-Fi settings.

Note: After changing the Wi-Fi name, reconnect to the wireless router device. Use the same password if it has not been changed.

Can multiple devices be connected to the same account?


What should I do if an invited user accidentally deletes the device?

You can invite the user again.

What OS versions are supported by the Moogo app?

iOS: Version 16 and newer ones are supported.
Android: Version 8 and newer ones are supported.

What should I do if I skipped a mist cycle?

In this case, simply start a new mist cycle.

How long does a bottle of Moogo Green Pro Concentrate last?

The number of times a single bottle of Moogo Green Pro Concentrate can be used will differ according to different misting durations:
For durations of 45s/cycle, one bottle of concentrate will be enough to last 150 cycles.
For durations of 60s/cycle, one bottle of concentrate will be enough to last 110 cycles.
For durations of 120s/cycle, one bottle of concentrate will be enough to last 60 cycles.

Schedule your misting at least twice per day, once at dawn and once at dusk.
For 45-second misting cycles - one bottle of concentrate will last about 75 days.
For 60-second misting cycles - one bottle of concentrate will last about 55 days.
And for 123-second misting cycles - one bottle of concentrate will last about 30 days.

Is it possible to use non-Moogo brand concentrates and customize mixing ratios?

Yes, you can use different concentrates and customize the ratio as preferred. However, when switching to a new concentrate, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the concentrate container (number 2 container), and running a number of self-test cycles to clean the nozzle circuit before making the switch.

Are there misting concentrates that are safe to use around pets?

Yes, many concentrates are labeled as safe to use around pets. Remember that the label is the law, and you should always use the concentrate in accordance to the label.

What is the difference between mosquito repellent and mosquito control?

Mosquito repellents refer to products that repel mosquitoes, such as sprays, lotions, andcandles. Mosquito control, on the other hand, refers to methods that reduce or eliminatemosquito populations, such as larval control and habitat modification.

What products are recommended if I need to install more nozzles for a larger yard?
How do I install nozzles in the yard when there is no fence or structure to mount the nozzles to?

We offer the perfect solution for this scenario with our landscape risers. These are 26-inch tall free standing nozzles, designed to be staked in the landscape or areas where there is no structure to mount a typical misting nozzle.

What is the estimated delivery time on in-stock items?

Due to our workload, in-stock items usually are prepared for shipment within next business day, and then are scheduled for UPS/FedEx pickup. If more than 5 business days have passed since you ordered something that is In Stock and you have not heard anything, please contact Customer Service at

When will [out of stock item] be back in stock?

The restock time will be listed on the product page. If you cannot find such info, please contact our customer support.

When will the early access & early bird items be shipped out?

The estimated fulfillment date is listed on the product page, please only place your early access if you are OK with the waiting time. Your order confirmation email will also have the fulfillment date.

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