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This nozzle kit is compatible with the Moogo Smart Mosquito Misting Device Kit.

  • 500 feet on black ¼ inch nylon tubing

  • 31 x ¼ in union tees

  • 100 x ¼ inch tube clamp back

  • 1 x ¼ inch union coupling

  • 160 x self-drilling screw

  • 60 x ½ inch nozzle clamp black

  • 1 x ¼ in union Elbow

  • 31 x straight misting nozzle assembly

  • 2 x ¼ in metal plug

  • 3 x ¼ in tubing cap

  • 1 x tubing cutter

  • 30 x black nylon zip ties

  • 1 x tubing removal tool

Experience professional-grade mosquito control with Moogo.


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Unboxing the Kit

What's in the Kit?

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What is the Moogo Misting System?

The Moogo Misting System is a smart repellent machine built specifically for the outdoors, helping with mosquito and pest control. It uses strategically placed misters to create a protective barrier around your property. With a single control panel, users can schedule insecticide sprays easily at preferred times or intervals. Notifications and system support are sent to users through the cloud and the Moogo App. Its conveniently designed panel allows users to operate the device with ease.

What is a backyard mosquito system and how does it work?

A backyard mosquito system, also known as a mosquito spray system, is a device that sprays a fine mist of insecticide over a large area to kill or repel mosquitoes. It is a system for backyard use, allowing for regular and consistent mosquito control.

Is a mosquito misting system effective for my backyard?

While mosquito misting systems can be helpful, they may not be the best solution for everyone. They use insecticides, which can harm beneficial insects as well as mosquitoes. For a more targeted approach, you might consider a mosquito-repellent machine or a repellant device.

What's the best way to control mosquitoes using backyard mosquito repellant?

The best way to control mosquitoes is through organic mosquito control. In backyard settings, using a backyard mosquito repellent made from natural and organic ingredients is safe for children and pets. Moogo is an excellent option for effective and eco-friendly mosquito control in your backyard.

Is there such a thing as pet-safe mosquito repellent?

Yes, there are pet-safe mosquito repellents available for outdoor mosquito control. These repellents are made with natural and safe ingredients that effectively repel mosquitoes without causing harm to your pets or the environment.

What is the difference between mosquito repellent and mosquito control?

Mosquito repellents refer to products that repel mosquitoes, such as sprays, lotions, and candles. Mosquito control, on the other hand, refers to methods that reduce or eliminate mosquito populations, such as larval control and habitat modification.

How does the system work?

The Moogo Misting System is specifically designed for mosquito control. Installed around your outdoor areas or in your backyard, the device acts as a mosquito repellent, spraying fine mists of insecticide through its nozzles to eliminate mosquitoes on contact.
The system is built specifically for mosquito control, using broad-spectrum insecticides that are also effective against other insects like flies, spiders and wasps. Moogo can be timed to automatically spray at preferred times and intervals, via its smart features and the Moogo App.

Is there an installation video available for quick reference?

For installation instruction, please refer to the user manual or watch our installation video at moogo.com/pages/installation

What are the general steps for installing the device?

We highly recommended watching the installation video first, and then referring to the user manual or online installation protocol: https://moogo.com/pages/device-guide

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