Pairing Troubleshoot

What if the device to be added cannot be scanned?

This might be due to a poor network environment,  or the device has already been bound by others.

  1. Make sure the antenna is placed vertically, close to the Wi-Fi hotspot without obstruction, and in an open area away from metal objects. 2. Ensure  that the distance between the mobile phone and the device is close enough, and there is no strong interference in the surrounding network environment.
  2. If the device still cannot be found, this might be because it has already been bound by someone else. If you don't know who connected the device, you can simply reset it. To reset, please refer to the manual, or contact customer service .
  3. For Bluetooth devices, please check whether the device is turned on normally, with the  interface for binding connection activated.  Also confirm  whether your mobile phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

What if  device connection fails?

  1. If your device has been reset and connected to your phone again,  go to the phone’s system settings page, unpair the paired devices in the Bluetooth list, and try to connect again.
  1. If you are still unable to connect your  device with these methods, try to restart your device or mobile phone, or contact customer service  for assistance if necessary.