The Science Behind Moogo: Harsh on Mosquitoes, Safe for People and Pets

While many pest control companies spray toxic chemicals that can linger for up to 75 days, more and more people are transitioning to installing misting systems to prevent mosquitoes and pests from invading yards.

However, not all misting systems are the same.

While many use traditional drum systems that clog and can cause a deadly algal bloom - described by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as "harmful algal blooms are the rapid growth of algae or cyanobacteria in water that can harm people, animals, or the environment," -- the Moogo Mosquito Misting System utilizes a precise concentration of natural ingredients that are dangerous for mosquitoes and other harmful pests, but virtually innocuous to people, pets, and beneficial insects and animals. 

The effectiveness of the Moogo misting system lies in its unique blend of active ingredients.

These ingredients are carefully selected for their ability to target the nervous system of mosquitoes and other harmful pests. The main active ingredients are derived from naturally occurring substances extracted from coconut oil and palm kernel oil. 

 Kills pests, not pets

One of the primary concerns with any pest control method is its safety for humans and pets.

Our misting system addresses this concern by using concentrations of active ingredients that are harmful enough to affect small insects but are harmless to larger organisms.

The Moogo Green Concentrate Pro is made to quickly degrade in the sunlight, minimizing exposure risks. 

A common misconception is that all insecticides are harmful to all insects.

However, our misting concentrate is designed to specifically target mosquitoes and other harmful pests, while sparing beneficial insects like worms and bees. Moreover, we recommend programming the Moogo to operate during dawn and dusk when mosquito activity peaks but bee activity is low.

Sustainable and safe

Environmental safety is the cornerstone of our misting system.

Unlike most other broad-spectrum insecticides that remain in soil and water for extended periods, the natural ingredients in our concentrate quickly breakdown.

This rapid degradation means there is minimal long-term impact on the environment, making it a more sustainable choice for pest control.

Worms and other soil-dwelling insects are not adversely affected, allowing them to continue their vital role in soil health and nutrient cycling.